This page contains very early version of simple wrapper which improves compatibility of ST:DS9-DW with never versions of Windows OS. It does this by hiding some HW features the game can not handle and by emulating HW features which are expected by the game and not supported anymore. Unlike the Klingon Academy wrapper, this wrapper only fixes interaction with existing DX API. It does not add new features and it is more sensitive to driver issues. On the other hand it does not reduce rendering performance.

Compatibility changes


You need to unpack the archive to the game directory and then use a hexadecimal editor to change two instances of ddraw.dll string inside the ds9dw.exe to ddra2.dll. This is necessary because some parts of existing DX have internal references to the original ddraw.dll and so it must remain available.

On Windows 8 it is possible that the game might be unable to enumerate any available 16 bit display mode and fails to launch. In that case set in the Compatibility settings for ds9dw.exe (right mouse click + Properties + Compatibility) setting Reduced colour mode to 16-bit (65536) colour.


Version 0.02 (31.12.2016) - Very experimental.
Source code


Version 0.01 (30.3.2011) - Very experimental.
Source code